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Notebook 10 - Raise growing resolution

    After the agents were grown at a 7_2 resolution to save time, this lattice will have to be translated back down to a 3_6 resolution. This script does this by raising the resolution of the 7_2 lattice by using numpy kron. Then a check is made and any voxels not in the complete 3_6 lattice are removed.

Pseudo code

    For a better understanding of the code, we wrote a pseudo code. The notebook, and the other notebooks, can be found here.

#definition by Shervin to properly load a value lattice

#Load the complete lattice and the final step of growing from data/abm

#Raising the resolution
lattices can be multiplied using np.kron with a reference np.ones lattice

#Check for each voxel if it exists in complete lattice
for each voxel in raised list
    check if voxel exists in complete_lattice
    if false
        remove voxel from raised list

Last update: January 26, 2021