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Notebook 8 - Lower growing resolution

    The following script takes our existing 3,6 lattice and translates it to a 7_2 lattice. This was necessary due to computational limits in the next step. Of course in a building with resolution 3,6 you will not have perfect 7,2 voxels. In this script, any 7,2 voxel that would at least have 1 3,6 voxel within it is saved and added to a list. This list is then exported to a CSV to use in the next step.

Pseudo code

    For a better understanding of the code, we wrote a pseudo code. The notebook, and the other notebooks, can be found here.

#Import the complete lattice and the solar envelope 7_2 for reference

#Translate 3_6 to 7_2, any 7_2 voxel with at least one 3_6 in it will be placed
for each voxel in a 7_2 lattice
    check each contained 3_6 voxel for existing in complete lattice
    if one is in it add the 7_2 voxel to the base 7_2 list

#Export 7_2 lattice
Export 7_2 lattice to 'growing_lattice_7_2.csv'

Last update: January 26, 2021