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Notebook 6 - Scale sound

    The following script will load the previously stored sound data files and scale them so they for a proper sound lattice.     
First, the script iterates over the different files in data/sound and adds those to a list. Then a scalar is established and the whole list is stored, reshaped and exported into a CSV.


    The flowchart as shown in Figure 47 is in the second (blue) section of the fundamental flowchart as shown in the Planning - products.

Flowchart - Scale sound
Figure 47: Flowchart - Scale sound

Pseudo code

This is the Pseudo code for Notebook 6.

#Load the complete lattice
create a base list of zeroes in same shape as complete lattice

for each sound file in 'data/sound'
    Unpickle and save to sound list

#Use the sound list with [x, y, z, val] to make a sound lattice with only val
for each voxel in sound list
    base list[x, y, z] = sound value

#Scalar so max = 1.0 and min = 0.0
scalar = max - min

#Scaling the sound value
for each voxel in base list
    if val != 0
        val -= min
        val /= scalar

#Export sound lattice
Export sound lattice to 'sound_3_6.csv'

Last update: January 27, 2021