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Figure 110: The green roof Green roof

Figure 111: The view from a lovely workspace View

Figure 112: Enjoying the view from the roof View

Figure 113: Interesting photography in low light By night

Figure 114: A perspective view of the entire building Perspective view of the entire building

Figure 115: The outside way up Outside - up

Figure 116: The outside way down Outside - down

Figure 117: Enjoying a lovely view View

Figure 118: A perspective view of the building within its context Perspective view

Figure 119: The mazey feel of the top The top

Figure 120: View along the main street View from main street

Figure 121: Facade along the side street Facade along street

Post presentation

Figure 122: Post presentation added open courtyard to prevent extreme mass open courtyard

Figure 123: Open and allows improved solar access improved solar access

Figure 124: A perspective view of the open courtyard perspective view

Last update: January 27, 2021